Det 150 Cadre

The cadre of Detachment 150 is composed of four officers, two enlisted members, and one UF civilian. Coming from a variety of career fields and operational experiences, the cadre are dedicated to bringing their combined expertise to bear in furthering the AFROTC mission of developing quality leaders for the Air Force.


The Commander serves as the Professor of Aerospace Studies, overseeing academic instruction on fundamental Air Force history and doctrine while emphasizing Air Force core values and providing scenarios in which cadets develop both followership and leadership skills. He leads the cadre in their responsibilities for recruiting, educating, training and motivating officer candidates for the United States Air Force.

Operations Flight Commander

Responsible for the administration and execution of operations and the Det training program.

Recruiting Flight Commander

Responsible for recruiting, screening, admitting and retaining quality officer candidate applicants for the Det. 

Education Flight Commander

Responsible for the administration and execution of the curriculum and Det academic program.

Personnel/Training Instructor

Responsible for administration management and personnel records requirements for all cadre, cadets and attached Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) students.

NCOIC, Administration

Responsible for the smooth execution of tuition/cadet pay activities, medical/fitness screenings, and maintaining operational information systems/equipment.

Office Manager/Admin Assistant 

Responsible for all UF admin functions including budget, payroll, personnel, academic activity reporting, space allocation, registration, course and room scheduling, grade submissions, asset management, endowment scholarship management, and facilities management.